Pitaya Coliving

So what is Pitaya Coliving?

Pitaya Coliving is an ecosystem of specialized services for remote workers in Lanzarote. A one-stop shop where remote workers and digital nomads can find everything necessary to get a 360o experience.

Pitaya is much more than just a Coliving. Pitaya is a complex social ecosystem, where the key element is the Community.

Are you a remote worker and you want to spend some time in Lanzarote working and exploring the island? 

You can book accommodation with them, starting from one week. They are located in the heart of Arrecife, in El Charco de San Ginés. The coliving has six rooms, an open kitchen and living room, and a spacious and professionally equipped coworking space. The house is decorated in a bohemian style and has a warm touch that will make you feel at home instantly. 

Laura, the founder is the house and community manager, and she will be there to help you make the most of your stay in Lanzarote. 

Ready to book? you can do so here.

The origins 

This is Laura!

And this is her story:

For many years,  Laura worked hard by helping humans connect with technology in ways previously unknown to them, but in 2018, she left that behind and packed her bag, traveling the world for a year - an experience that changed her forever.  Travelling has always been her passion; being inspired by other cultures, traditions, and different ways of living.

After her year of traveling, she started to work remotely but knew something was missing - that sense of community that she had found so inspiring. Thus the idea for Pitaya Coliving was born, offering a space for those who work remotely but still want to travel and be inspired by the community around them, where different cultures can coexist and experiences are shared. 

Of all the Canary Islands, Lanzarote has that nomad spirit which is at the soul of our ethos and so she decided to start this coliving adventure here.

At this point, you may be wondering, why Pitaya? Like many of the Digital Nomad community, the fruit Pitaya is not native to Lanzarote, but you can find them everywhere, and when she moved in to start this project, it was pitaya season. The plant always finds a way to make meaningful connections, and eating the fruit is an experience in itself. Just like Pitaya coliving!

And why Lanzarote?

Lanzarote is different than other sun and sea destinations. It’s an island where nature and art prevail. A place where the people are as warm as they are active and proud. Where the food tastes of the sea and the earth. Where the essence of the island leaves a mark on your soul long after you depart.

The legacy of the volcanic eruptions that took place in the 18th and 19th centuries is a spectacular scene of singular form and beauty. Next to unexpected landscapes made up of volcanic caves, lakes of lava, and craters, lie beaches of golden sand and transparent waters. 

The architecture is the identity of the island, thanks to the outstanding work of the island-born artist and decorator César Manrique. He felt that architecture should vanish to be respectful towards the landscape. Gifting its local people and visitors with a scenery where white predominates on the houses and green on doors and windows.

Lanzarote is all about art, culture, and tradition, and its unique character is a dream come true for those who are looking for inspiration and optimal conditions to work remotely.


The heart and soul of Pitaya Coliving is their Community because they understand that the main value of a Coliving experience is the access to an active and well organized remote worker community, 

Lanzarote is a fast-growing remote workers hub, and Pitaya Coliving is constantly creating exciting new experiences to offer you the best plans and connect you with the local community.

Find out more about Pitaya Coliving and its Pitaya Community by clicking here.

So as always, go have fun and explore!

I hope you enjoyed this post!

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