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Lanzarote App

Today's blog post is going to be a bit different. I'm going to be talking about more of a digital experience. Here is the story of how a few local volunteers wanted to help out the island of Lanzarote:.  Our story The Lanzarote App was created during the nationwide quarantine of 2020, I think we all know what we are talking about and remember it perfectly. Needless to say, we had a vision, we knew things were going to be very complicated for everyone, especially for local business owners because tourism had stopped completely. It all had changed so rapidly... It was then we started to work on the project, a free app designed to promote the island and everything in it, something that would be free and accessible to everyone, as our motto goes "free now, free forever."  We wanted to create a single, easy-to-use, informative app, that contained everything you could do, see, feel touch, and experience on the island. We wanted to help out those local businesses, especiall

Pitaya Festival

 Pitaya Festival You should really check this out! Pitaya Festival, the event with the most soul on the island of Lanzarote. Pitaya Festival unites great concepts such as Community, art, and joy ; and was created in order to bring together all those who want to spend a relaxed day with friends in an idyllic outdoor need tor setting. This cool festival is part of Laura Sanz's project, PITAYA COLIVING, who after having lived abroad for many years, saw the need to create a community and help her group of digital nomads and entrepreneurs. Laura is preparing a coliving space in Lanzarote for like-minded people who work remotely *wink wink* ;)   traveling around the world and, who have chosen the island as an anchor point, not only to share a coworking and coliving space but also to enjoy their time for leisure.  Pitaya Festival offers a day of complete disconnection, with several yoga sessions, the possibility of resting or taking a dip in the pool, eating a healthy brunch with local pr