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Lanzarote's shipwrecks. Diving adventures!

Have you ever seen a sunken ship before? Lanzarote has a few interesting shipwrecks... but before you start diving, it's quite fascinating to investigate the history of a ship, to learn about how the ship sunk and then, to explore it underwater.  Diving near a sunken ship creates a sensation of mystery and adventure, exploring the past and seeing what time has created by the growing coral and life in it, the passage from the dead past to the vivid present.  SHIPWRECKS IN LANZAROTE These are the five areas where the most important wrecks in Lanzarote are located, between Puerto del Carmen and Arrecife: Wrecks of Puerto del Carmen The Wrecks of Puerto del Carmen are an ideal dive site for both beginner and experienced divers. The area is accessible by boat and consists of a metallic transport vessel, the latest and shallowest, and 5 wooden fishing boats. The deepest wreck is known as La Hélice and gets its name because it still keeps the ship's propeller and metal rudder in good