Lanzarote's shipwrecks. Diving adventures!

Have you ever seen a sunken ship before? Lanzarote has a few interesting shipwrecks... but before you start diving, it's quite fascinating to investigate the history of a ship, to learn about how the ship sunk and then, to explore it underwater. 

Diving near a sunken ship creates a sensation of mystery and adventure, exploring the past and seeing what time has created by the growing coral and life in it, the passage from the dead past to the vivid present. 


These are the five areas where the most important wrecks in Lanzarote are located, between Puerto del Carmen and Arrecife:

Wrecks of Puerto del Carmen

The Wrecks of Puerto del Carmen are an ideal dive site for both beginner and experienced divers. The area is accessible by boat and consists of a metallic transport vessel, the latest and shallowest, and 5 wooden fishing boats.

The deepest wreck is known as La Hélice and gets its name because it still keeps the ship's propeller and metal rudder in good condition. The helix of this wreck is located at 40 meters and on the ascent to the deck it is easy to find schools of barracudas. Attached to the hull we find the volcanic rock wall and if we ascend it, slightly to the left at a depth of about 24 meters we find a cave full of white and yellow sponges.

If we turn west along the sand, at a depth of 30 meters we can find a large volcanic rock that crowns the reef with a small cave, in this area large stingrays and stingrays are sometimes seen.

Wrecks of the Barranco del Quiquere

Three wooden fishing boats, built during the last century, the two shallowest boats are practically whole. On the contrary, the deepest one presents a ghostly appearance with its frames protruding from the keel like the ribs of a spinal column.

In 2004 they sank three wooden fishing boats that years later have formed some fantastic reefs to enjoy diving in Lanzarote. At first, this dive was conceived to be carried out at a depth between 9 and 23 meters, making it accessible for inexperienced divers, but the currents and the storm managed to displace the wrecks of the Quíquere ravine, making them a little deeper.

The Rabat

The name of this fishing vessel gives a good account of the preferred course it had planned, the African coast. With the breaking of the agreement with Morocco, after losing the possibility of continuing to fish in the Canarian-Saharan bank, many ships were sunk in Lanzarote. This is one of them, but it did not reach the great depths where it was intended. A failure in the blasting made it necessary to bring it closer to shore, ending up within diving range. It is an old purse seiner of about 35 m in length that today rests, in excellent condition, at the foot of the reef, lying down and showing its large propeller at a depth of 32 m.

Located off the coast of Arrecife, about five minutes by boat from the port we find one of the most famous wrecks in the Canary Islands, El Rabat, an old tuna boat that sank some twenty years ago off the coast of Lanzarote. The port side of the Rabat wreck lies at a depth of about 32 meters, but the top is located at about 18 meters, which allows divers of all levels to enjoy this dive.

The Telamon (Temple Hall)

The Temple Hall or Telamon is a huge cargo ship that is located on the shores of Arrecife, it is submerged at a depth of between 6 and 12 meters, and the amplitude and position in which it is found invite divers to dive for its inside without any danger.

The first name of this ship was Temple Hall, to be renamed years later by a Greek shipping company as Telamon, in honor of one of the Argonauts who, together with Jason, sailed the Hellenic seas in search of glory and adventure. With this name, it was stranded in 1981 while transporting a valuable shipment of wood from the Ivory Coast. A waterway forced the merchant ship to approach the coast and it could never sail the seas again. At present it is sectioned in half with the stern of the boat protruding very close to the shore, forming a typical picture.

The Ajache

A fishing boat that sees days pass at the bottom of the sea at a depth of 38 meters, in Costa Teguise, which sank in the area of ​​Los Ajaches, south of the island. Maximum depth 38 meters.

So go out there, dive, have fun, and explore!

I hope you enjoyed this post!

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