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Lanzarote's authentic food, Teleclub de Tao.

Have you ever wondered what authentic Canarian food tastes like? Perhaps you have already, but I hope it wasn't one of those massively touristic-based restaurants near the old-town of Puerto del Carmen...  This is what our food looks like: This is called Queso a la Plancha (it's local fried cheese with a few potatoes and Mojo Rojo, you know what those things are by now since you have read all of my posts :) ) Introducing the Teleclub de Tao Before we go into this restaurant in particular, let's give you a brief overview of what a Teleclub is. A Teleclub is a place where there is normally a bar and restaurant area, and other rooms where different activities (such as card games) take place. There's usually a tv around, always on and showing the local news or a lucha canaria (Canary Island-style wrestling) match.  Teleclubs are basically a place where you can drink good wine, eat amazing food and have a laugh with some locals.  There are several on the island, I'll p