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Tenesar and its Charco de Los Hombres

One of Lanzarote's less-known coastal towns, Tenesar is truly a beautiful little spot to appreciate Lanzarote's western coast. Part of the municipality of Tinajo, Tenesar contains quaint houses and narrow streets with cute names (fun fact: most streets are named after sea creatures).   A beautiful little place to get away from all of the noise and traffic of the island. Most Tenesar residents live in the town during the summer only, the number of barbecues, chairs, tables, and sunbeds represent the way of life in Tenesar... Great company, great food, and even better views! It doesn't stop there though! Tenesar's beautiful coast contains many natural pools (otherwise known as Charcones or Charcos) pssst if you haven't checked out my other blog post about Los Charcones, here's the link: , and here's one of my favorite natural pools on the island: El Charco de Los Hombre