Lanzarote's authentic food, Teleclub de Tao.

Have you ever wondered what authentic Canarian food tastes like? Perhaps you have already, but I hope it wasn't one of those massively touristic-based restaurants near the old-town of Puerto del Carmen... 

This is what our food looks like:

This is called Queso a la Plancha (it's local fried cheese with a few potatoes and Mojo Rojo, you know what those things are by now since you have read all of my posts :) )

Introducing the Teleclub de Tao

Before we go into this restaurant in particular, let's give you a brief overview of what a Teleclub is. A Teleclub is a place where there is normally a bar and restaurant area, and other rooms where different activities (such as card games) take place. There's usually a tv around, always on and showing the local news or a lucha canaria (Canary Island-style wrestling) match. 

Teleclubs are basically a place where you can drink good wine, eat amazing food and have a laugh with some locals. 

There are several on the island, I'll probably create a blog-post series on them soon, actually I started today *hint hint*. 

So yeah, these are great places to be, and my favorite happens to be Tao's Teleclub.

Why you may ask? Just look:

It's situated in this cute little town.

It looks like this from the outside:

And like this from the inside:

There's people, look below:

Now wait a minute, let's look at some quick pictures of typical Canarian food:

This is called Caldo Millo (Millet broth) a quick overview for you all:

Within the rich and special Canarian gastronomy there are a series of essential dishes that are a treasure of its culture and a joy for the senses. One of them is, without a doubt, the "caldo de millo", a traditional recipe of the spoon cuisine that admits rich variants, like the "lanzaroteña" or "conejera".

Millet broth is one of the most traditional and tasty spoon dishes of the Canary Islands and in particular, in its version with ribs, of the island of Lanzarote. It is a must try if you want to show off your Canarian cuisine and, although it is usually prepared for family gatherings and celebrations, it is not easy to find in the restaurants of the seven islands.

The ingredient that gives the name to the dish is the millet, a term used in the Canary Islands for corn. This name of millet comes from the Latin milium, millet in Spanish, which is also used, although residually, in the west of the Iberian Peninsula, from Galicia, through the Castilian provinces of Leon, Zamora and Salamanca to the west of Cáceres and Badajoz.

Hope you found that interesting, here's some more pictures:

This bad boy is called Ensaladilla Rusa, it's our version of potato salad. Try it, you're going to love it.

Oh, you want more? Here you are:

These scrumptious meatballs are to die for. 

Are you hungry yet? Probably. 

To my vegan and vegetarian readers out there, there is a large variety of fruits and vegetables, I recommend Sandia de Soo (local Watermelon) and Potaje de Lentejas (local lentil soup) you can order too, so don't worry my peeps. 

Wait a minute, you actually thought I was going to skip dessert? Come on...

This is called Bienmesabe, it's literally heaven for your taste-buds, especially if you love almonds like me. 

Bienmesabe is a prepared with honey, egg yolk, and ground almonds as primary ingredients. Its consistency significantly varies depending upon preparation methods used. The dessert is very popular in the cuisine of the Canary Islands. It has been described as influenced by Moorish cuisine.

It'll make you stare at the ceiling during a guaranteed foodgasm, yeah, I know what I just wrote. You know what I mean.

Great atmosphere, great wine, great food, great location, great everything. 

I highly recommend you visit the Teleclub de Tao, just look it up on Google and the Lanzarote App to give you directions on how to get there. 

I also want you to do a bit of work too you know ;)

Go have fun and explore!

I hope you enjoyed this post!

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