Playa del Risco, a unique beach.

Picture this, you are sunbathing on a tranquil beach, you have your favorite book on your lap, and you suddenly feel the urge to stop reading and stare in front of you. You witness a picturesque scene of a beautiful archipelago of small islands. You identify La Graciosa, and you can somewhat see Montaña Clara… where are you? 

You are at Playa del Risco. 

Playa del Risco is a 500-meter beach sheltered by the spectacular Risco de Famara (cliff of Famara). It is of the most isolated and quiet beaches on the island. A fantastic place to be on your own, with a friend or two, and even a whole family!

This wonderful beach is located on the coast of Yé, sheltered by the glorious Risco de Famara. Playa del Risco is only accessible by boat, or by hiking down the trail known as the Camino de Los Gracioseros (a trail that deserves a blog post in its own right). Rest assured, the (at times difficult) trail is very well worth the effort. The panoramic view of the Archipiélago Chinijo (the small island archipelago I mentioned in the introduction) is priceless.

The Camino de Los Gracioseros trail consists of a continuous zigzag down the cliff and takes about 40 minutes to complete, is not exceedingly difficult and it is considered safe. Just please be careful with the loose rocks. I highly recommend undertaking the descent with a firm and solid step with the utmost caution. Do not get cocky trying to impress yourself or other people. Karma’s a b***h. 

So please use suitable footwear. No flip-flops or any sort of open shoes because you will suffer. Believe me. 

Once you reach the beautiful beach a guaranteed relaxing day awaits you. The “river” (known as el río) that separates Lanzarote from La Graciosa is generally calm thanks to the shelter of the Risco de Famara itself.

You will enjoy beautiful views of La Graciosa. Further north, you can admire the islands of Montaña Clara, the Roque del Oeste, and, on a clear day, the enigmatic Alegranza.

But that is not all, on this beach, it is also worth looking with your back towards the shore. The view of the Risco de Famara that is shown is out of this world: 

An explosive combination of ocher and reddish colors dotted with abundant vegetation. The birds that fly over the Risco transmit a very relaxing peace with their poetic slow movements and distant chirping.  

There is an incredible sense of pure peace on this beach. You can hear nothing but the little waves reaching the shore and the sound of the birds (and the wind on windy days of course!). 

Given the nature of the ocean currents in this area, bathing is safe. However, please keep in mind that many aquatic animals and high-speed boats transit through the river (this includes jellyfish and hormonal teenagers on jet skis), so just keep an eye out for unexpected guests. 

You will only have to walk a few meters to dive into the Playa del Risco’s crystal clear waters. Enjoy the spectacular turquoise color! 

Alright, enough reading, go out there, have some fun and explore!

I hope you enjoyed this post!

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