Guinate and the Mirador de Guinate

Have you ever been to the “greener” side of Lanzarote? Do you enjoy witnessing breathtaking views of a one-of-a-kind panoramic place?

Well, my friend, I invite you to check out the small town of Guinate. This beautiful and quaint town is situated at around 500 meters of altitude (above sea level) on the great cliffs of El Risco de Famara. On the north side of the island of Lanzarote. Descending south along the road parallel to the Riscos de Famara, and to the right, you reach Guinate, a town that shares a past like Ye's.

At the end of the main street, the visitor comes across the Mirador de Guinate (Guinate Viewpoint, described down below) on the edge of the Famara cliff and overlooking the Chinijo Archipelago. The departure from Guinate to Máguez is under the Los Helechos volcano, which is a three-thousand-year-old volcano, like the volcano of La Corona.

This entire place is fantastic for hiking, there are several trails that lead to unique viewpoints. You can see the entire beach of Famara too (from above the Risco) and be able to breathe the freshest of ocean air, which travels violently from the north-end winds (alisios). 

Mirador de Guinate

“Déjate llevar,” is written on the mosaic on the wall dividing the vista from the abyss (which translates to let yourself be carried away). The stunning views of the scenery from the Mirador de Guinate do not require anything more than inhaling the fresh ocean air and gazing at the enormous masses that emerge from the water on the horizon.

The Mirador de Guinate is a small yet fascinating natural window overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and the Chinijo Archipelago. Facing the strong trade winds coming from the north (alisios), this secret wonder of the island of Lanzarote is this little part of Guinate.

First, you will see the island of La Graciosa, where you can distinguish the Caleta del Sebo, its only port and one of the very few places with civilization. In the distance, you can see the silhouettes of the islands of Montaña Clara and Alegranza. 

The outlines of the islands of Montaña Clara and Alegranza may be seen in the distance. Although you may not realize it from the vantage point, you are standing in front of the European Union's largest marine reserve, with 70,000 hectares of marine species that shine out among the volcanic and desert landscapes.

So now you know a little bit more about the town of Guinate and its surroundings... so that means...

Go out there and explore! 

I hope you enjoyed this post!

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