El Famaraíso, Famara Beach Paradise

FAMARA BEACH (Playa de Famara)

Without any doubt whatsoever, Famara Beach (la Playa de Famara) is one of the most spectacular beaches on the island, based in the municipality of Teguise. 

The beach begins in the small town of La Caleta de Famara and extends along the coast for several kilometers towards the picturesque slopes of the impressive cliffs of Famara (Riscos de Famara). What surprises the visitor the most when stepping on this beautiful town is that it has hardly any paved streets, it still preserves its sandy alleys and its radiant houses painted white with blue or green carpentry. The sand is a light shade of beige, clean, fine, and soft to the touch.

The prevailing trade winds, coming from the north, known as the “alisios del norte” have formed large sandy dunes with sparse vegetation, including tumbleweed, at the rear, and lie near bathers while pleasantly resting in the sun.

Some say that there are two versions of Famara, one at low tide and the other at high tide, but both are equally as spectacular.

At low or empty tide, the sand gains ground from the sea, and large shallow pools and calm water form on the shore. It is then that the enormous expanse of wet sand is illuminated by the sun and the walls of the Risco are reflected in it, thus creating a huge, precious, and unparalleled natural mirror. 

On the other hand, when the tide rises, there are areas of the beach where the sand disappears under the sea and the waves reach the pebbles and large volcanic rocks, which have been rounded and smoothed out by marine erosion.

There are many places to work remotely from the town of Caleta de Famara and from a set of luxurious villas located in the Urbanización de Famara, these include cafes, restaurants, and a few spaces assigned for co-working and co-living.

The waves are always present in Famara and tend to always be large. They are perfect for surfing, kite surfing, bodyboarding, bodysurfing, and windsurfing. You can always witness (and perhaps participate in) a wide variety of aquatic activities. 

Whether you are interested in finding surf schools, local restaurants, exclusive bars, and cafes, or places to co-live or co-work in Famara, you can find all of this and more for free on the Lanzarote App (lanzaroteapp.es)

Have fun and explore!

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